WOW Celebration

Take a look at our wonderful WOW wall!

Every Friday we have a WOW assembly where we celebrate either the children's work or their attitude towards aspects of school life. Parents are invited along to these assemblies where children are recognised and receive a WOW certificate, pencil and rubber, along with a yellow, smiley badge. The children get to wear the badge for the following week and then they can keep it at home from then on.

We also have WOW of the term where again we celebrate the children's success, this can be for making great progress or for having an excellent attitude.

Our House Point system

Our house point system, decided on by our school council in the Summer Term 2017, is in reference to famous children's authors - Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo, David Walliams, and J.K Rowling. Children are awarded house points for good work, behaviour and a brilliant attitude in school. 

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Wonder Why Society & Rymans

Children at Abbey Primary have taken part in competitions this term with the Wonder Why Society & Rymans. First prize was awarded to two of our children for their Autumn Art Pictures.

Last month's competition was a novel writing challenge where the children wrote chapter 1 of their own novel. Well done to the 6 winners who all received a parker pen.

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