Homework Policy


Homework has long been recognised as a vital part of the educational process and short tasks to complete at home, such as reading, independent research and mathematical practice are frequently requested by teachers, in order to enhance learning. However, there is a need to formalise and achieve consistency throughout the school, in order to achieve our target of maintaining high standards in all subjects particularly Literacy and Numeracy.


We aim to:

  • Ensure consistency of approach throughout the school;
  • Ensure progression towards independence and individual responsibility;
  • Ensure parents/carers have a clear understanding about expectations from themselves and the pupil;
  • Extend the range of learning experiences offered to pupils;
  • Provide the opportunities to reinforce and revise skills taught in school;
  • Develop opportunities for parents, pupils and school to work in partnership;
  • At Year 6, to prepare children for secondary transfer

Staff in individual cohorts set their own guidelines for homework.

Homework set needs to be specific to the children’s needs but also manageable for the teacher. Therefore, some of the following activities may be adopted;

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Phonics/Spelling practice;
  • Multiplication/mental recall of numerical facts;
  • Independent research
  • Take away tasks related to the Irresistible Learning Curriculum.

Reading, either books or sight word/phonic practice should also be encouraged on a daily basis, either reading or being read to by parents, but this can be part of the homework activities.

Most pupils will have a Home Learning Book in which to record homework activities and teachers may reward children for completed homework.

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