Welcome to Year 4

Teacher: Mrs Scoines and Miss Taylor
Teaching Assistant: Mrs J. Johnson & Mr N. Denton-Irwin

In year four, there is a focus upon developing skills learned from Key Stage One and extended these skills alongside our independence. Through the year, we will develop our reasoning and explanation skills as well as working for and producing longer pieces of writing.

Through Topic, we will cover the following areas:

Autumn 1: Why is the River Thames so important to London?

-       Where the Thames is

-       What the Thames is used for

-       How has the use of the Thames changed over time

-       Locating the Thames and other important cities and rivers on a map.

Autumn 2: What would life have been like 100 years ago?

-       Schools 100 years ago

-       Comparing life for children

-       Comparing the lives of rich and poor people

-       Researching and presenting information about influential people from the era (both general and local people)

-       The crime and punishment system 100 years ago.

Spring 1 and 2: Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?

-       How did the Romans come to Britain?

-       Why did they invade Britain?

-       Who were the Celts?

-       How did they change Britain?

-       What did they invent?

-       How was life different for people in Roman Britain?

Summer 1: Why is Birmingham such a cool place to live?

Summer 2: Why were the Norman Castles certainly not bouncy?



In November, year 4 were visited by the fire service to discuss and find out about fire safety. We looked at how fire spreads and what to do if we were ever trapped in a house and there was a fire. We also learned what happens when 999 calls are made and why it is so important that we never make hoax calls. 

For Remembrance Day, year 4 created poppies and a whole class collage of a poppy to commemorate those who have lost their lives for us. We discussed the importance of ‘Armistice Day’ and discussed our thoughts whilst holding the minutes silence.

Click on the image below to view a large version of the Curriculum Overview for Year 4.


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