Visions and Values

We promote equal opportunities for all, as an inclusive school regardless of disability, race, gender, culture or religion. We make reasonable adjustments to the curriculum where required to cater for the needs of all pupils.

We develop pupil collaboration and independent learning opportunities.

We celebrate achievements as well as attainment of all pupils.

We promote positive attitudes in pupils to enable them to develop socially, morally and spiritually so that they can make the right choices to stay safe.

Preparing Abbey Primary School Children for Life in A Modern Britain

Abbey Primary School promotes tolerance and respect for all cultures, faiths and lifestyles through our values, purpose, motto and code of conduct. These elements run through our curriculum and indeed all we do in school.

Our purpose and values are displayed around the school with pupil voice, thoughts and responses.

We have rights respecting ambassadors from Nursery to Year 6. They are given responsibilities including school council, play leaders, class monitors and special helpers.

The school council voice thoughts and ideas from their peers during school council meetings and assemblies. Play leaders support children in the playground encouraging friendship and safe play.

We have a duty to prepare children for life in Modern Britain and keep them safe.

We value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all pupils’ families and undertake a variety of events and lessons to celebrate these.

This teaches tolerance and respect for the differences in the community and the wider world. Underpinning this is a range of curriculum topics which have strong British history.

The school undertakes daily assemblies which uphold traditional values of empathy, respect and tolerance. These values are taught within formal R.E and Prayer.

Our pupils are taught about keeping safe both physically and in the broader sense of issues like E-safety. Pupils feel safe at Abbey and their parents believe that the school keep their children safe. This is evident in all feedback including parent questionnaires.

Pupils understand the importance of school rules and how it impacts in the wider community.

We are very proud at Abbey Primary School as we feel our school values are a reflection of British Values. At Abbey our purpose is to make a difference by:

  • Developing positive relationships
  • Developing resilience
  • Developing Skills and Knowledge
  • Developing Self-belief so we can become life-long learners.

Our Motto is Believe and Achieve

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