Special Educational Needs at Abbey Primary School

Abbey Primary School aims to be an inclusive school and we embrace the fact that every child is different.  Our aim is to provide a caring and safe environment in which all pupils thrive and fulfil their potential.  All pupils, including children with special or additional educational needs, are entitled to a curriculum that meets their needs.

Abbey Primary practices the early identification of any additional needs by assessing and monitoring pupil progress, and by working in partnership with parents and external agencies.  Appropriate support is provided to overcome barriers to children’s learning through interventions, additional provision and from professional advice.  We have high expectations for all of our children wanting them to achieve to their potential and celebrating the small steps they make on their journey.

 •We aim to deliver a curriculum that is personalised to the needs of each individual child at our school enabling them to benefit from a rich learning environment.

 •We aim to enable each child to learn in their preferred style and give them opportunities outside of the classroom.

 •We aim to listen and respond to pupil and parental voice and engage all in discussions of how best to support a child.

 •We aim to develop their social and emotional well-being as well as their academic attainment.

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