Forest School

At Abbey Primary School our forest school is situated on the school grounds. It is a safe area of woodland, where flora and fauna can be observed. It is a fun, challenging and exciting program and a great way for the children to enter the outdoor environment.

The natural environment provides a wealth of opportunity to expand young children’s learning through multi sensory exploration, experimentation and adult supervised play.

Forest School encourages the children to explore all aspects of the natural world. The children can safely experience a varied range of activities. The experience is fun and mainly child led. The children can splash about in puddles, collect sticks or other ‘treasures’. Individual interests and play ideas are the basis of activities to extend the children’s learning.

Here at Abbey, the Forest School helps children build on their confidence, independence and self esteem.

Abbey Primary School

Glastonbury Crescent
Mossley Estate

Headteacher - Mr Mark Gilbert

Deputy Headteacher & SENCO- Justine Read

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