Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Sanders
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Perry

In Year Two we continue to foster children’s love of learning and develop their curiosity about the world, through engaging topics such as the study of Kampong Ayer in Asia and Walsall Manor Hospital in Topic; habitats and life cycles in Science as well as Beauty & the Beast & Rainbow Fish in English.

Reading is an important part of Year Two with children being encouraged to read daily and quiz regularly in order to develop their love of reading and their fluency. Books are changed as soon as children have quizzed and they can earn points and rewards for regular reading and passing quizzes.

Spellings are set weekly on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Children earn rewards for achieving well in their weekly test.

For Maths we follow ‘Big Maths’ and enjoy developing our love of Maths through the engaging characters and techniques we learn. Children are regularly sent home with LearnIts which are facts they have to learn off by heart. Times tables are also an important part of Year Two and are set through ‘Times Table Rockstars’ in which children compete to be rewarded ‘Rockstar status’. Children in Year Two initially start by learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. This then develops to include the 3 times table.


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Headteacher - Mr Mark Gilbert

Deputy Headteacher & SENCO- Justine Read

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