Visions and Values

‘Nurture, Believe, Explore, Achieve’


MISSION STATEMENT: Nurture, Believe, Explore and Achieve

Our Aims

  • To inspire passion and curiosity for lifelong learning
  • To develop a spiritual, cultural, moral and social awareness within one’s self, the local, national and global community.
  • To encourage excellence and achievement through a creative, stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum
  • To nurture independent, resilient learners who strive to achieve their full potential.
  • To promote and create a safe and healthy environment for pupils, staff and visitors where everyone feels valued.

Our Vision

Abbey Primary School will help your child reach their full potential by providing high quality and meaningful learning opportunities created to inspire. 

We have high expectations and aspirations for all our children no matter where their starting point.  

All children will be encouraged to be kind, caring, motivated, inclusive and adaptable – whilst working in a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment.  

We are committed to working with our community because you are at the heart of our school. Working together we can ensure our pupils thrive and realise their full potential. 

Abbey Values

  • We always try our best in everything
  • We show respect and tolerance to everyone
  • We keep ourselves and others safe
  • We look after our environment and take pride in it.