The School Day


8:45am – 11:45am



Morning Session Start

8:40am (Reception)

8.40am (Y1)

8:45am (Y2 – Y6)


End of Day

2:55pm (YR and Y1)

3:00pm (Y2 – Y6)




8:15am – 8.30am Breakfast served with activities until 8.45am. Places need to be booked by Friday of the previous week.

(doors close promptly at 8.30am, so that staffing can be kept at a safe ratio)

Each day in breakfast club, children can choose to eat a piece of toast, juice, fruit and cereal. This is free, as it is funded by Greggs. Each day toast is also available as children come into school, via the playground or classroom.


School meals are available for all full-time children and are free to all children in Reception and Key Stage One. They are cooked off- site by Walsall Council and are served by our school cooks; Mrs Dillon and Mrs Tennant.

If you are entitled to free meals, please make sure you claim for them. Forms can be obtained from the Civic Centre in Walsall. Extra funding is given to school for the number of eligible free school meals – this means additional resources for the children, so if you are eligible please apply. If you are unsure if you can claim telephone 08451 112 855
Facilities are also available in school for children to bring a packed lunch. All packed lunches must be in a clearly named container and glass bottles or cans MUST NOT be sent to school. We encourage Healthy Lunch boxes, with no sweets or lollipops. Dinner money should be paid on a Monday morning for the week. A copy of the menus is available from the foyer at school.


For parents that require it, we employ the services of ‘Charlie Caterpillars’. Please see the link below to their website to book a place for your child.

The club runs each day after school, from the end of the school day until as late as 5.45pm. Children are collected and transported to the nursery venue that runs an after school club above the nursery. You will need to book via the website or calling the main office number (not school).

Abbey Primary School

Glastonbury Crescent
Mossley Estate

Headteacher - Mr Mark Gilbert

Deputy Headteacher & SENCO- Justine Read

If you wish to contact the school via direct secure email or a secure phone line for confidential or secure correspondence then  please use the following contact details:

Tel: 01922 710753

Abbey Primary School maintains an Information Asset Register, which meets all necessary data protection obligations.

If a request is made for a disclosure of information from the police or legal representatives or a Freedom of Information Request, we will respond within the legal timeframe. However, disclosure requests or subject access requests received on the last of day of school will not be responded to until the schools return to business as usual, as to avoid any delays in compliance.

Abbey Primary School safeguards its pupils by working alongside West Midlands Police, as part of Operation Encompass.


Should you require any of our school information in a paper format please contact our office on 01922 710753